Sensei Mark Cousins

Sensei Mark Cousins is the Head Instructor of Ashihara Karate in the Australia/Oceania region. He started training in Ashihara Karate when the style was just introduced to Australia in 1984.

In 1989, accompanied by his then instructor, he went on a 3 months trip to the USA and Japan where they trained at many Ashihara dojo. At the Honbu dojo, he was graded to shodan black belt by the late Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara.

Due to great administrative difficulties, he only graded to 2nd Dan in 1999 after which he became the head instructor at the Whittington Dojo in Geelong Australia. Finding it increasingly harder to communicate with Japan after the death of Kancho Ashihara (in 1995), he started exchanging e mails with Kaicho Hoosain Narker, the director of Ashihara Karate International (AKI).

Towards the end of 2003, together with his membership, he joined the AKI. In June of 2004, Sensei Cousins invited Kaicho Hoosain Narker, the International Director of Ashihara Karate to Australia. For two weeks, Kaicho conducted classes at the Geelong Headquarters after which Sensei Cousins was promoted to the Sandan rank with a number of students obtaining Dan grades.  In June of 2005, he was promoted to Yondan

In recognition of his 20 years dedication and service to Ashihara Karate and the level of his understanding of Ashihara Karate, Kaicho Narker appointed him to oversee the Australia/Oceania region.

On the 30th Anniversary of Kaicho Narkerís dojo as well as the establishment of Ashihara Karate, he was promoted to Godan (5th Dan). During 2010, he visited Thailand and met up with Kaicho Narker at the World Kumite in Pattaya where he was also issued with a 5th Dan recognition.

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