In Ashihara Karate in Australia, there are eleven levels to the Black Belt, each level is called a Kyu and are divided into five colour belts.


12th Kyu

White belt


11th Kyu

White belt with red tip


10th Kyu

Red belt


9th Kyu

Red belt with blue tip


8th Kyu

Blue belt


7th Kyu

Blue belt plus Yellow tip


6th Kyu

Yellow belt


5th Kyu

Yellow belt plus Green tip


4th Kyu

Green belt


3rd Kyu

Green belt plus Brown tip


2nd Kyu

Brown belt


1st Kyu

Brown belt plus Black tip



Black belt 1st dan

Test for the various belts are held regularly and takes the form of a formal examination.

The belt system is used to allow you to gauge your progress in Karate and give incentive to try harder. The decision to try for grading test is entirely yours and no pressure will be placed upon you to enter one. On the other hand if your instructor thinks that you are not ready for grading, then you will not be allow to participate. Every successful candidate will be awarded with a certificate from International Headquarters.

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