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The Geelong Karate School is situated in the South East of Australia in Geelong, Victoria. The school has been practicing Ashihara Karate since 1984. The training is very up-tempo, very aerobic. We like to keep our training simple and practical with easy to use techniques. Whilst Tournament fighting is offered, the training is mainly based around street defence. We do lots of bag & pad work to strengthen our punches & kicks.

In keeping with the practical nature of Ashihara Karate, we work on SABAKI with a partner. Sabaki is stepping out of the line of attack & countering from the side or behind your opponent. We also practice with the bo (wooden staff), we believe this to be a great weapon because a length of wood or a pool cue or anything like that can be used as a substitute.

In conjunction with SABAKI, we also use a lot of throwing techniques that are very effective. We train our student to be prepared for a street confrontation, keeping in mind that we need to provide a safe free of fear environment for everyone to train in. Karate should be available to everyone.

Gradings are held regularly and if you are looking for a good work out, a sound and rational Karate style, look no further.

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